Knee unit

Centre of excellence for knee surgery  


Circle hospitals are ranked in the top ten hospitals in the country for orthopaedic surgery.

Our knee units bring together some of the most experienced, leading consultant knee surgeons in the UK, offering you the very best care. With advanced diagnostic equipment on-site and specialist consultant radiologists, we can provide a rapid diagnosis so that you can get better quickly.

The aim is to return you to full mobility so you can enjoy life to its maximum. Whether you are an elite athlete or simply wish to return to gardening, walking comfortably and playing with your grandchildren, we have a solution for you. 


Immediate access

You can book your private appointment direct with the knee consultant’s secretary and we will contact your GP for a referral. 


Advanced diagnostics

With some of the most advanced diagnostic equipment and a specialist consultant radiologist on-site we can provide a rapid diagnosis service for private patients.

Advanced diagnostics reduces injury risk and provides the basis for optimum recovery.

At CircleBath, the sports medicine doctor is the Area Medical Officer for the 2015 Rugby World Cup, match day doctor for the Olympic stadium in London and Lead Practitioner for Sports Medicine at Bath Rugby. Sports science is essential in the screening, assessment, treatment, management and prevention of injuries.


Latest surgical techniques

An increase in sporting related injuries to the knee has resulted in rapid technological advances in the way knee ligament and meniscal injuries are managed, ensuring in an earlier return to functionality through excellent rehabilitation techniques. Our knee specialists use innovative surgical techniques for the management of these injuries.

Private and NHS knee treatment

Our Knee Units provides fast access for private patients and is fully recognised by health insurers. You can also access the service as an NHS patient through NHS Choose and Book.

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Knee treatments

Total knee replacement

One of the most popular and most successful operations in modern medicine. A knee replacement resurfaces your arthritic knee and relives pain. An average stay in hospital of four nights after the procedure is all that's need. Learn more by reading knee replacement surgery.


Part or uni compartment knee replacement

Sometimes you may only have arthritis in one part of your knee joint. If so, a full replacement is unnecessary and a part replacement can solve the problem more simply. This operation is less invasive than a total knee replacement and usually requires a hospital stay of three nights. Recovery is simpler than other procedures, usually quicker and you can return to full functionality like kneeling more easily.

See knee replacement (partial) surgery for more information.


Soft tissue knee injury surgery

If you have mechanical problems in your knee that cannot be solved by soft tissue management alone, they may be cured by a simple 20-minute keyhole surgery followed by a short stay of a few hours.


Ligament surgery

Sports injuries and falls can leave you with an unstable knee needing ligament reconstruction. Our surgeons have huge experience treating everyone from recreational sportspeople to elite athletes and Olympians. An overnight stay after your surgery is usually required.

See anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction and posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction for further information.



Many young patients with arthritis have been told they are too young for a knee replacement. Our solution for you is to realign your knee by offloading the damaged area. You will be required to stay for two to three night stay after your procedure. See knee realignment surgery for further information.


Non-surgical treatments

Many knee problems can be successfully treated with physiotherapy and other non-invasive treatments. Our physiotherapists and physio associates are able to offer you excellent multidisciplinary care close to your home at a time that suits you.