Skin tag removal

What is skin tag removal?

Skin tags are small growths which protrude from the skin. They are usually flesh coloured, pink or brown and can appear anywhere on the skin due to friction or rubbing. They are completely harmless, however many people choose to have them removed due to discomfort or for cosmetic reasons. They are most common in the neck, armpits and groin areas.

What does this involve?

Following an assessment and examination, your consultant may suggest one of several methods of removal. Small skin tags can sometimes be frozen off using liquid nitrogen during the consultation, causing swelling and sometimes a blister. Litigation, in which the patient themselves ties a thread around the neck of the skin tag thereby cutting off the blood supply and causing it to drop off, is a possible treatment option. Another option is for the skin tag to be burned off or cut off.

Surgical shave excision and cautery of multiple skin tags under local anaesthetic is a quick and effective means of removing many skin tags at once, particularly if some or all of them are large.

The best option for you will be discussed at your consultation.

When will I recover?

Skin tag removal is done as a day case procedure, meaning you will be free to go home after your treatment. There will be a small, white scar where each skin tag used to be once the area has healed.