Pelvic floor disorder treatment

What is a pelvic floor disorder?

Pelvic floor disorders are common in women of all ages, and can also occur in men. They can be divided into rectal prolapse, bowel incontinence and obstructed defecation, which refers to difficulty with emptying the bowel. Some patients will have a combination of symptoms.

Patients are often reluctant to seek medical advice through embarrassment or a mistaken perception that nothing can be done. However, pelvic floor disorders are common and can be dealt with in our specialist pelvic floor clinics.

Oxford Pelvic Floor Service

Oxford Pelvic Floor at Circle Reading Hospital is a collaboration of colorectal surgeons in Oxford and Reading. Patients are evaluated and treated by pelvic floor surgeons and nurses in the setting according to well established Oxford Pelvic Floor protocols with prospective collection of data, research collaboration and multidisciplinary team meetings, to ensure maintenance of the highest standards of care.