Non-invasive cardiology treatments

What is it?

Non-invasive cardiology treatments are those that aid our Consultants in diagnosing and treating problems and conditions of the heart without performing surgical procedures. This includes echocardiography, which is a form of imaging technology that uses sound waves to view your heart. We also perform follow up assessments for patients with a fitted pacemaker.

What does treatment involve?

The procedure you receive is dependent on your needs following an assessment of your symptoms. You will have a blood pressure test. You may be required to engage in some physical activity to be able to fully test your heart.

When will I recover?

The treatments are non-invasive therefore you should be able to return home the same day, depending on the results.

What risks should I know about?

The tests are non-invasive, and are safe to perform. There is a small risk that the tests may not identify a problem or produce false results.