Congenital and post-traumatic deformity limb reconstruction

What is it?

Congenital deformities are those that are present from birth, and post-traumatic refers to those deformities that have occurred from fractures and injuries healing incorrectly.

Post-traumatic deformities, also known as malunions, can cause the patient to experience pain and discomfort, swelling, or limited mobility. They can occur if the fracture was ignored, or initially misdiagnosed therefore mistreated.

What does treatment involve?

Your consultant will first examine and assess the congenital or post traumatic deformity. This may require the use of an x-ray or other imaging technology. The results of the imaging will determine what form of treatment or surgical procedure is required. An external fixture may be attached to the affected limbs for gradual realignment. Medicine may also be required as treatment if infection is found to be the cause. Your consultant will discuss with you your results and need for further treatment.

When will I recover?

Your recovery time will be dependent on the treatment you require. A long stay in the hospital may be required, and you will have to continue care at home until the bones and surrounding muscles are fully healed.