Breast lump removal

What is breast lump removal?

Breast lump removal surgery, breast cyst removal surgery or lumpectomy is performed to remove breast lumps that don't go away on their own or cysts that keep coming back.

What does this involve?

Breast lump removal surgery takes around 60 minutes and can be carried out as a day case or it may require you to spend one night in hospital.

During the operation an incision that is slightly bigger than the lump, is made over or near the location of the lump. The lump is then removed completely and a border of healthy tissue around the lump may also be removed. This is called wide local excision. The healthy tissue may also be examined to find out if the lump has been completely removed. The wound will then be stitched and a dressing applied.

When will I recover?

The operation is relatively minor and you should be able to resume normal life immediately.

What risks should I know about?

Breast lump removal or breast cyst surgery is a routinely performed procedure and does not carry any major risks.