Bowel cancer screening

What is bowel cancer screening?

Our GI consultants understand that it is easier to treat bowel cancer in its early stages, and are able to diagnose the problem before symptoms, such as bleeding or abdominal pain, begin to occur. Bowel cancer can have similar symptoms as less serious medical conditions, and bowel cancer can be in a more severe stage when these symptoms show, so it is important to be screened.

What does this involve?

The screening process involves a stool sample test carried out by your GP. Depending on these results, you can then visit Circle for a colonoscopy investigation. During a colonoscopy procedure, a thin, flexible tube with a camera is used to view the inside and lining of your bowel. The results of the colonoscopy, and any further treatment you require, should then be discussed with you.

When will I recover?

A colonoscopy is a routine test that can be performed on an outpatient basis, usually under sedation. Patients should be ready to go home hour after the procedure, although if sedation has been used then driving, operating machinery or drinking alcohol should be avoided for 24 hours.