Acne treatment

Acne is a commonly occurring skin condition. It causes spots to appear on the skin, often on the face, chest and back. Acne occurs when glands in the skin produce too much oil, called sebum. The oil mixes with dead skin cells and can block hair follicles.

There are different types of spots that are caused by acne and they can range from a few mild blackheads to severe pus-filled cysts that are inflamed and cause the surrounding skin to be red. Severe acne can sometimes be painful and can cause scarring.  Acne can be the result of a change in hormone levels during puberty, and usually subsides by a person’s mid-twenties.

What does treatment involve?

If the acne and spots are mild they should improve over time with over-the-counter washes, gels or creams.

If the acne is severe, and isn’t responding to over-the-counter products, a consultant dermatologist can examine your skin and provide appropriate treatment in the form of creams, oral medication and hormone therapy.

When will I recover?

It is important to seek advice as soon as possible if there is concern about potential scarring. It can take several months for more severe acne to improve with the recommended treatment.