Podiatry and orthotics covers problems with the foot and ankle area, and is offered at Circle Bath Hospital and Circle Reading Hopsital by our specialist podiatry consultants and orthotists. They have a wide range of experience and are able to offer assessment through to surgery.

What does this involve?

Here at Circle, you can see a fully qualified HPC-registered podiatrist. Our podiatrist specialises in foot and lower limb biomechanics, and uses state of the art dynamic pressure scanners to help assess and diagnose a variety of problems, including: heel pain, shin splints, calf and knee problems, and many more. Treatment of such problems includes advice, exercise, and, when necessary, use of orthoses (insoles).

Our Podiatrist consultants have strong links with the Orthapaedic team, to further investigate problems with the use of x-ray, MRI scanning, etc. who may occasionally need to carry out surgical, depending on the specific nature of the problem. These procedures include ankle arthroscopy, bunion removal, ankle replacement, and many more.