Pain management

The Circle Pain Management Unit aims to improve your quality of life using a variety of specialist treatments.

Our experts offer an individual service to patients who suffer chronic pain, whatever the cause. Chronic pain can affect all aspects of life.

Our multidisciplinary approach has proven effective for many patients, giving you back the life you enjoy.

Treating a patient through pain management involves:

  • Extensive assessment and examination
  • Reviewing pain medication
  • Rehabilitation
  • Interventional treatments and techniques
  • Psychological recommendations

The approach taken in pain management is always individual and will depend on the nature and severity of your pain. This includes musculoskeletal pain and pain from damaged nerves. Effective treatment can prevent pain from becoming chronic, reducing the need for surgical intervention. Some patients will be experiencing more than one pain, requiring a combination of approaches.

To begin, you will have an extensive consultation with a Pain Management Consultant. This usually lasts 45 minutes and will give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

The consultation will include assessment, examination and a review of any radiology (including MRI and CT scans) and current mediation.

An individual pain management plan may recommend interventional procedures, a new medication regime, an exercise and physiotherapy programme and other multidisciplinary approaches such as psychological support.

The Circle Pain Management team work alongside experts from a range of specialities including Consultant Neurosurgeons, Consultant Anaesthetists, Consultant Physicians, Interventional Radiologists, Extended Scope Physiotherapists, Rehabilitation Specialists and Clinical Psychologists. All specialists work within the Circle hospital environment and all work as part of the multidisciplinary team.

As part of the pain management programme we have a dedicated spinal pain service. Investigating and treating back pain through the Circle Pain Management service involves multi-disciplinary teams of Neurologists and Spinal Specialists.

Advanced diagnostic facilities including X-rays, CT scanning and MRI scanning are available on-site.