Circle Academy is the Circle Health business school with the purpose of developing managers and leaders nationally in all its hospitals.

Circle Academy does this by developing their knowledge, skills, behaviours and practices with a unique focus on its proven business excellence methodology, and seeks to provide a holistic approach to people development that contributes to the personal success of the individuals, their teams, their hospitals, and their customers.

Circle Academy is also building a reputation in management and leadership development and providing high level programmes and mentoring to clients across the UK and the Middle East. What makes Circle Academy unique is its philosophy: we believe that all development must be practical, based on real-life issues and can be applied to make a real difference.

Circle Academy provides a comprehensive portfolio of tailored and open leadership and management development, executive mentoring, organisational consultancy, coaching, recognised and certificated programmes, behavioural assessments and virtual learning resources that helps transform individuals and the businesses that they work in. 

The faculty is a mix of skilled educators and, practicing executives and clinicians who are currently involved with the issues and challenges faced by delegates of Circle Academy. Our approach is flexible, adaptable and blended.

Circle Academy has links with a number of UK and international organisations within both the private and public sectors including Chartered Management Institute, PwC, Kuwait Life Sciences Company, Nottingham University, The British Army – Medical Regiment.