Largest partnership of clinicians in Europe

CircleHealth is an employee co-owned partnership with a social mission to make healthcare better for patients. We form the largest partnership of healthcare professionals in Europe.

We are co-founded, co-run and co-owned by clinicians.  Because the consultants and healthcare professionals who work for CircleHealth own the facilities they work in, they are empowered to put patients first in everything that they do. If you are a consultant or healthcare professional interested in joining our partnership, please contact our Partnership Development Team on 0207 034 5255.


Clinical Circles

CircleHealth hospitals are divided into separate business units, named clinical circles. Each clinical circle has a lead doctor, nurse and manager. Each unit has the freedom and authority to take all decisions that impact upon patient care in their unit, and are responsible for their own balance sheet. In this way, power is devolved to the frontline and decisions are taken as close as possible to patients.

Our success as a company does not lie in a small group of expert managers at the top of the company but in a large community of expert innovators at the grass-roots.