Circle and Hinchingbrooke hospital start historic partnership

01 February 2012

The ground-breaking contract was signed in November 2011 following a robust, 13 month procurement managed by NHS Midlands and East, and an extensive approval period by the Department of Health. Circle was selected as preferred partner following a process which included 19 initial potential bidders from the public and independent sectors.

Since the announcement of preferred partner, staff from Circle and Hinchingbrooke have been working closely to plan for the hospital's future, and today they published their plan for transformation. The plan is the first of its kind where everyone who works in the hospital
was invited to take part in its creation. Over 1200 of the 1700 strong workforce attended one of 17 four hour 'partnership sessions', where they decided that their objective would be to become one of the top ten district general hospitals in the country by excelling in four areas: patient safety, patient experience, staff engagement and value for money.

Circle Chief Executive, Ali Parsa, said: "Today, an ambitious programme will be unveiled, to turn a hospital, once labelled as 'a basket case', into one of the top ten in the country. The plan came together in unprecedented sessions with 1200 NHS staff, who gathered to share their vision for their hospital's transformation.

"Like John Lewis, Circle are employee co-owned, and have a track record of creating best in class hospitals by devolving power to the clinicians and staff who are closest to patients. We are confident that we can do it again in Hinchingbrooke".

Dr Stephen Dunn, Director of Policy and Strategy at NHS Midlands and East, said:

"With the challenges the NHS now faces, new solutions are needed so services can be provided how and where patients want them, but at a cost which taxpayers can afford. Today heralds just that, a new chapter in creativity and partnership working.
"Without this franchise, the future of Hinchingbrooke could have been uncertain. We are not privatising, we are bringing in new management. The hospital can plan a future where its staff and assets remain within the NHS, energised by the innovation which its new partner will bring. NHS Midlands and East and its ground-breaking Strategic Projects Team are proud to have steered this opportunity, and we look forward to Hinchingbrooke going from strength to strength".

To read the Hinchingbrooke plan, click here.